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Sony Blu-ray BDV-T10T11 Speaker and TV Cable Connection Schematic Diagram - (8,140 view(s))

Monday, April 9th, 2012
Sony Blu-ray BDV-T10T11 Speaker - ElectroSuite.com

ElectroSuite.com – Sony Blu-ray BDV-T10T11 Speaker and TV Cable Connection Schematic Diagram. The PDF file contains detail schematic diagram and instruction for connecting of  Sony Blu-ray T10/T11 BD/DVD home theatre system to speaker and TV set.


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Tunable Diode Laser - (3,680 view(s))

Sunday, February 5th, 2012
Tunable Diode Laser - ElectroSuite.com

ElectroSuite.com – Tunable Diode Laser. Tunable Littman/Metcalf Diode Laser System – Lion. Manual Wavelength Tuning, Automated Piezo Scanning.

Tunable Diode Laser - ElectroSuite.com
Tunable Diode Laser – sacher-laser.com


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Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535 - (8,689 view(s))

Monday, August 8th, 2011
Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535

Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535

This is Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535, as the final project is about the hardware which includes assembling a home security system consisting of infrared sensors, temperature sensors, microcontroller ATMega 8538 as the central control and programming software and the PC as the viewer.

Data acquisition system to a PC has many types, one of which is to use serial communications on a computer (PC). The serial port on a computer (PC) have different voltage levels to TTL voltage level that is often applied to a digital circuit with IC in general, and therefore needed a voltage converter RS232. The author designed a tool that can detect the temperature and turn on the fan with the help of an external microcontroller as the central control of the computer (PC), and the microcontroller serial communication with PC is done. The principle is the microcontroller read the LM35 temperature sensors via the microcontroller’s internal ADC ATMega 8535, after the data is processed, then the data is sent to a PC. This tool has been tested and obtained results as expected.

Electro Suite

Home Security System using ATMEGA 8535

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Complete Final Project

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Overheat Detector Alarm Switch using Temperature Sensor IC LM35 - (1 view(s))

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Overheat Detector Alarm Switch using Temperature Sensor IC LM35

This is Overheat Detector Alarm Switch using Temperature Sensor IC LM35 Electronic Suite Diagram, at the heart of this overhead detector (fire alarm) circuit is a precision integrated temperature sensor type LM35 (IC1), which provides an accurately linear and directly proportional output in mV, over the zero to +155 degrees C temperature range. This can be used as part of fire smoke detectors but do not use it as a home fire alarm system.
The LM35 develops an output voltage of 10 mV/K change in measured temperature.
Designed to draw a minimal current of its own, the LM35 has very low self heating in still air.

Here the output of the LM35 is applied to the non-inverting input of a comparator wired around a CA3130 opamp (IC2). A voltage divider network R3-P1 sets the threshold voltage, at the inverting input of the opamp. The threshold voltage determines the adjustable temperature trip level at which the circuit is activated.

When the measured temperature exceeds the user-defined level, the comparator pulls its output High to approx. 2.2 V causing transistor T1 to be forward biased instantly. T2 is also switched on, supplying the oscillator circuit around IC3 with sufficient voltage to start working. The 555 set up in astable mode directly drives active piezoelectric buzzer Bz1 to raise a loud alert. Components R7, R8 and C4 determine the on/off rhythm of the sounder.

A transistor based relay driver may be driven off the emitter of T1 (TP1). Similarly, replacing the piezo sounder with a suitable relay allows switching of high-power flashers, sirens or horns working on the AC mains supply.

Overheat Detector Alarm Switch using Temperature Sensor IC LM35

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Programmable Home Security Alarm System - (1 view(s))

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

In this project we design low cost high performance programmable home alarm security system using few LDR’s as an input sensors. When above sensor(s) get triggered system may dial the user specified phone number (using build-in DTMF generator) and activate the high power audio alarm and lights. All the parameters of DTMF generator, audio alarm and light interface are programmed through the RS232 serial interface.

Current firmware of this system presents interactive control system through the RS232 interface. This control system consist with the menu driven configuration options, self tests, system report generators, etc.
This system also contain 5W (with 4Ω speaker) audio alarm with three selectable tone configurations, which include Police siren, Fire engine siren and Ambulance siren.

This system uses a Microchip’s PIC16F877A as a main controller, LM339 as sensor interface, UM3561 as a tone generator and μPC2002 as a speaker driver (audio amplifier). LM7805, LM7812 and LM317 voltage regulators are used to obtain +5V, +12V and +3V respectively.

Dilshan R Jayakody – jayakody2000lk@gmail.com


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Touch Activated Alarm Circuit by IC Timer 555 - (1 view(s))

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

ElectroSuite.com – Touch Activated Alarm Circuit by IC Timer 555. This is a touch activated alarm system. Your alarm system will be activated when someone touching the “trigger”. You may use this circuit at your home door, your vehicle etc.

Parts list:

  • R1 = 100K
  • R2 = 56K
  • R3 = 10M
  • R4 = 220K
  • P1 = 100K
  • D1 = 1N4004
  • T1 = 2N3904, or equivalent
  • U1 = 555 Timer*
  • C1 = 47μF/16V**
  • C2 = 33μF/16V**
  • Re1 = R

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