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Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535 - (8,652 view(s))

Monday, August 8th, 2011
Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535

Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535

This is Home Security System using Microcontroller ATMEGA 8535, as the final project is about the hardware which includes assembling a home security system consisting of infrared sensors, temperature sensors, microcontroller ATMega 8538 as the central control and programming software and the PC as the viewer.

Data acquisition system to a PC has many types, one of which is to use serial communications on a computer (PC). The serial port on a computer (PC) have different voltage levels to TTL voltage level that is often applied to a digital circuit with IC in general, and therefore needed a voltage converter RS232. The author designed a tool that can detect the temperature and turn on the fan with the help of an external microcontroller as the central control of the computer (PC), and the microcontroller serial communication with PC is done. The principle is the microcontroller read the LM35 temperature sensors via the microcontroller’s internal ADC ATMega 8535, after the data is processed, then the data is sent to a PC. This tool has been tested and obtained results as expected.

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Home Security System using ATMEGA 8535

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